Behavioural Menu Examples

CCMI is happy to share our Behavioural Menu templates package for public use and adaptation. Behavioural menus are a great tool for brainstorming ideas.

Click here to download the package

One situation you might use behavioural menu in is when you are action planning with someone. When people have a general goal in mind, but no specific actions they can think of, a menu can help to get the ideas flowing. For more information about when to use a behavioural menu in action planning, see the Brief Action Planning Guide and Flow Chart.

A behavioural menu is also helpful for agenda-setting. At the beginning of a visit, you might consider sitting down with the person and using a behavioural menu to brainstorm all the things that are important to them to discuss during your time together.

Those are just two ways you can use behavioural menus, and you can probably think of other ways that they would be helpful in your practice.

The menus in this package are meant to assist in brainstorming and can be adapted to meet the needs of the people that you serve.

Please note the creative commons licenses at the bottom of the page, which are meant as guidelines for adaptation, copying and distribution. For more information about creative commons, please visit: