Brief Action Planning Practice and Feedback

Brief Action Planning (BAP) Practice and Feedback:

  30 min per session

  Appropriate for anyone who have a foundational knowledge of BAP

Practice and feedback is an important part of learning BAP. Just like learning to drive a car or ride a bike, reading about it or watching examples is rarely enough to be able to do it smoothly and confidently. Brief Action Planning practice and feedback sessions give you the opportunity to practice applying the knowledge and skills that you have learned. And just like driving or riding a bike, skills that are unused can get rusty, so ongoing practice and feedback helps skills stay fresh.

Sessions are conducted one-on-one with a CCMI trainer.

What to expect

Role play: The CCMI trainer will play the role of a person who is ready and wants to make an action plan. You will have an opportunity to work through the questions and steps with the trainer, using the “BAP Flow Chart” and/or “BAP Guide.” Following the role-play, the trainer will provide feedback, highlighting what went well and what might be changed or done differently


 Some other ways that you might use your time as a group include:

  • Clarification of a topic: Learn additional information covered in your workshop or online course. You will receive a short description or demonstration, have an opportunity to briefly discuss the topic, practice and get feedback of skills as needed.
  • Case study: Bring a situation that you would like to discuss. This would be a situation where you might be “stuck” or would benefit from a new perspective and how to apply what you learned from your workshop or online course. Be prepared to describe and discuss the situation and the principles or skills that might apply and practice and get feedback of skills as needed.
  • Your idea. You may have an additional way you would like to spend your time working with a knowledgeable trainer.


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