Brief Interventions

Motivational tools to improve health outcomes for at-risk individuals

A subset of Motivational Interviewing, Brief Interventions are designed to enhance motivation for those at-risk of poor outcomes. Originally designed for substance use, brief interventions are the foundation for helping people take action on information and advice.

CCMI’s Brief Interventions approach builds around giving advice or information in ways that increase the chance that a person will take action. This can be customized to any topic area, including substance use, risky behaviour or other lifestyle changes.

Brief Interventions may take place in various settings such as primary healthcare settings, and may be implemented by a variety of trained behavioural and primary healthcare providers. Brief Interventions consist of feedback about personal risk, explicit advice to change, emphasis on patient’s responsibility for change, and provide a variety of ways to affect change. Brief Intervention techniques include an empathetic style and support for the patient’s perception of self-efficacy or optimism that they can change. (Colorado Clinical Guideline Collaborative).

Program Summary

Skills TrainingFace-to-Face WorkshopNone6-24 people per group1 day