Communicating with Clarity and Compassion

Communicating with Clarity and Compassion Online Course:

  1.5 – 3 hours self-paced online content. Learners have 30 days from enrollment to complete.

  Appropriate for wide range of professionals and peer helpers.

The goal of this course is to build practical skills for effective and efficient communication about decision-making in a compassionate way. Skills include using Ask-Tell-Ask for giving information and advice, teach-back for shared understanding, and the BRAIN worksheet to support informed decision making.

Learners will work through three online modules at their own pace, each accompanied by a quiz and an assignment that is reviewed by an instructor. Assignments are scenario-based and include a skills demonstration. Modules include video and audio demonstrations, interactive text-based content, group forum participation, handouts, supplementary resources, and practice activities.

This course is run in groups of 6-24. Contact us for more information about how to arrange for your group to take this course.


What learners are saying:

“I thought this course was tremendously valuable. It provided tools and scripts and great guidance for communicating in a way that is respectful and engaging and compassionate. I will definitely make use of the tools, especially the BRAIN tool for decision making in future. Thank you.”

“Very helpful course. I can apply this for my job.”

“Found it very useful and very well put together!! Thank you.”

“Very helpful and informative. I will be using the BRAIN worksheet with future clients”

  • Consider how to communicate with a non-judgemental attitude.
  • Define Ask-Tell-Ask, a skill for giving information and advice.
  • Demonstrate using teach-back to confirm understanding.
  • Demonstrate using the BRAIN worksheet to make an informed decision.

This is an interactive course that is designed for participants who want to consider practical applications to their work. CCMI uses learner-centred, performance-based approaches to adult education. The Communicating with Clarity and Compassion online course includes:

  • Learning activities that evoke understanding and build skills. These include interactive online activities, class forum discussion, and short quizzes to reflect learning and encourage application to practice.
  • Practice assignments that increase practical understanding and allow trainers to provide constructive feedback.

Module 1: Overview and Instructions

Module 2: Navigating Your Online Course

Module 3: Learning Module: Ask-Tell-Ask

  • Introduction
  • Giving information in the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing
  • Activity
  • What is Ask-Tell-Ask?
  • Demonstrations
  • Exceptions
  • Activity
  • Summary

Module 4: Learning Check: Ask-Tell-Ask

Module 5: Learning Module: Teach-Back

  • Introduction
  • Defining Teach-Back
  • Why Use Teach-Back?
  • How to Use Teach-Back
  • Demonstrations
  • Step-By-Step Analysis of Teach-Back
  • Additional Materials
  • Summary

Module 6: Learning Check: Teach-Back

Module 7: Assignment: Teach-Back

Module 8: Activity: Informed Decision-Making

Module 9: Learning Module: Informed Decision-Making

  • Introduction
  • Defining Person- and Family-Centred Care
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Step-By-Step Analysis of the BRAIN Worksheet for Informed Decision-Making
  • Demonstration
  • Reflection
  • Tips
  • Optional Reading
  • Summary

Module 10: Learning Check: Informed Decision-Making

Module 11: Assignment: Informed Decision-Making

Module 12: What’s Next

This is an example of one of the instructional videos included in the course. It is accompanied by examples of people doing teach-back and activities to practice teach-back.

The course takes approximately 1.5-3 hours, and a certificate of completion is provided to learners who complete the course in its entirety:

  • Four brief units of learning content, activities, and forums.
  • Three Learning checks
  • Assignments
    • A video or audio recording to demonstrate teach-back.
    • A written assignment to demonstrate using the BRAIN worksheet for informed decision-making.
In order to complete this course, learners will need
  • Access to a computer, laptop, or tablet with the capability to watch and listen to videos and audio recordings.
  • Internet connection
  • Audio recording app or software.
  • Up to date browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer has had known compatibility issues.
The audio recording app or software is for recording a skills demonstration. Some ways this can be done are with a computer, smartphone, a teleconference line, a webinar platform like Skype or Zoom.

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