Communicating with Clarity and Compassion

Communicating with Clarity and Compassion Online Course:

  1.5 – 3 hours

  Appropriate for wide range of professionals and peer helpers.

The goal of this course is to build practical skills for effective and efficient communication about decision-making. Skills include using Ask-Tell-Ask for giving information and advice, teach-back for shared understanding, and the BRAIN worksheet to support informed decision-making.

Learners will work through three online modules at their own pace, each accompanied by a quiz and an assignment that is reviewed by an instructor. Modules include video and audio demonstrations, interactive text-based content, group forum participation, handouts, supplementary resources, and practice activities. The course takes approximately 1.5-3 hours, but learners can work at their own pace and will have access to the course for 2 months.

This course is run in groups of 6-24. Contact us for more information about how to arrange for your group to take this course.

  • Consider how to communicate with a non-judgemental attitude.
  • Define Ask-Tell-Ask, a skill for giving information and advice.
  • Demonstrate using teach-back to confirm understanding.
  • Demonstrate using the BRAIN worksheet to make an informed decision.

Overview and Instructions

Navigating Your Online Course

Learning Module: Ask-Tell-Ask

  • Introduction
  • Giving information in the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing
  • Activity
  • What is Ask-Tell-Ask?
  • Demonstrations
  • Exceptions
  • Activity
  • Summary

Learning Check: Ask-Tell-Ask

Learning Module: Teach-Back

  • Introduction
  • Defining Teach-Back
  • Why Use Teach-Back?
  • How to Use Teach-Back
  • Demonstrations
  • Step-By-Step Analysis of Teach-Back
  • Additional Materials
  • Summary

Learning Check: Teach-Back

Assignment: Teach-Back

Activity: Informed Decision-Making

Learning Module: Informed Decision-Making

  • Introduction
  • Defining Person- and Family-Centred Care
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Step-By-Step Analysis of the BRAIN Worksheet for Informed Decision-Making
  • Demonstration
  • Reflection
  • Tips
  • Optional Reading
  • Summary

Learning Check: Informed Decision-Making

Assignment: Informed Decision-Making

This is an example of one of the instructional videos included in the course. It is accompanied by examples of people doing teach-back and activities to practice teach-back.


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