Building and maintaining relationships with effective communication skills

CCMI’s communications services focus on developing skills and strategies for clear and compassionate communication between caregivers and the people and families that they support.


Communicating with Clarity and Compassion Online Course

1.5 – 3 hours

Appropriate for wide range of professionals and peer helpers.

The goal of this course is to build practical skills for effective and efficient communication about decision-making. Skills include using Ask-Tell-Ask for giving information and advice, teach-back for shared understanding, and the BRAIN worksheet to support informed decision-making.

Improving Interactions Custom Workshop or Webinar

 4.5 hours

Appropriate for wide range of professionals.

This custom workshop focuses on developing effective two-way communication with families, patients, and colleagues. Organizations will partner with a trainer to determine the goals and objectives related to communication.


Thanks to collaborators and practitioners who have assisted with the following worksheets for people to use to record their Brief Action Plans.

BRAIN Decision Making Worksheet

One of the practical tools that we have developed is the BRAIN Decision Making Worksheet, adapted with permission from the International Childbirth Association.

Download the Brain Decision Making Worksheet here:
BRAIN Decision Making Worksheet (Health) 
BRAIN Decision Making Worksheet (General) 

In this video Connie Davis explains how to use teach-back, a method to check that information has been communicated clearly. To download the handout, visit the handouts section on this page.

The BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Next Steps) app is based on our popular worksheet. The app and worksheet both are designed to help you to think about the Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives to a decision. Then they ask you what your gut or intuition says and it help you to clarify the next steps that make sense to you.

The app is available for apple devices in the apple app store by searching CCMI BRAIN or going here

and for android devices in the google play store by searching CCMI BRAIN or going here