Custom Quality Improvement Workshop

Custom Quality Improvement Workshop:

  Depending on Scope of Request

  Appropriate for professionals in a quality improvement role.

Prerequisites: Depending on Scope of Request

CCMI is happy to collaborate with you to plan customized workshops with skills and concepts ranging from basic to advanced. Some of the content available for custom workshops includes: psychology of change, science of improvement, the Model for Improvement, developing and testing changes, evaluation, measurement, leading improvement, PDSA cycles, developing a QI charter and plan, and spread and sustainability.

Each of CCMI’s quality improvement service begins with a consultation to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Define current state
  2. Describe goals
  3. Develop a work plan that factors in opportunities and constraints to achieve desired goals

Customizable for virtual delivery based on needs.

Contact us for more information about registration.

This is can either be delivered as an interactive skills-based workshop or webinar that is designed for participants who want to consider practical applications for their interactions. CCMI uses learner-centred, performance-based approaches to adult education. Workshops includes:

  • Learning activities that evoke understanding and build skills.
  • Practice activities that increases practical understanding and allow trainers to provide constructive feedback.
  • Facilitated discussions about how new skills and knowledge can be applied in learners work or volunteer setting.

See our CCMI Services page for an overview of all of our offerings and details like workshop prerequisites, duration, and capacity.