Recognizing and acknowledging the variety of backgrounds unique to each person.

Working in an environment that recognizes diversity helps to facilitate communication, cooperation and improvements in health. CCMI’s Diversity programs introduce participants to concepts that support and emphasize the diverse and cross-cultural context of the healthcare environment, helping participants to become more successful when they are working with various groups, cultures, people, and communities.

Program Summary

Working with Diversity OverviewPresentationNoneUnlimited1-2 hours
Working with Diversity WorkshopFace-to-Face WorkshopNone6-24 people per group3.5 hours

Program Detail

Working with Diversity Overview

This workshop is appropriate for a broad range of people including the public and professionals who are interested in the key concepts for working in diverse situations, including linguistic, ethnic and generational differences.

Working with Diversity Workshop

This workshop is designed for healthcare professionals, incorporating the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing as it applies to diversity. Participants will have an opportunity to demonstrate skills to work with patients and families who are linguistically, culturally, gender, ability, and generationally diverse.

Schedule & Fees

Please contact us to discuss fees based on your organization’s requirements, and for a schedule of upcoming sessions.