Health Literacy Workshop or Webinar Package for Clinical Educators and Health Literacy Leads

Health Literacy Workshop or Webinar Package for Clinical Educators
and Health Literacy Leads:

  One day

  Appropriate for clinical educators and health literacy leads who have opportunities to assess and enhance their organization’s health literacy programs at a system level. Also appropriate for people who design patient education material, or have input in its design, review, or promotion.

This workshop provides training in fundamental concepts from the health literacy universal precautions and includes content on plain language and design (PEMAT), health literacy and medication adherence. Learners will complete a project that will engage them in assessment and action to improve health literacy at organizational and community levels. They will also be taught cores skills including how to use resources, plain language, teach-back, and Ask-Tell-Ask.

Speak to us about how this workshop can be customized for virtual delivery based on your needs.

Capacity for this course is 6-24/instructor. Contact us for more information about how to arrange for your group to take this course.

  • Define health literacy.
  • Describe impacts of health literacy.
  • Describe components of health literacy.
  • Describe factors that contribute to low health literacy.
  • State reasons for universal precautions in health literacy
  • Describe ways to create a welcoming environment.
  • Describe the key learner.
  • Use plain language principles for written and oral communication.
  • Describe a simple approach to usability testing.
  • Demonstrate effective methods to use materials in practice.
  • Define and demonstrate teach-back.
  • Describe the evidence for using teach-back.
  • Demonstrate ask-tell-ask.
  • Describe the contribution of understanding to medication adherence.
  • Describe the assessment of a health literate organization.
  • Describe the role of health literacy in accreditation and patient experience surveys.
  • Consider approaches to address health literacy across a community.
  • Apply skills to practice.

This is an interactive skills-based workshop that is designed for participants who want to consider practical applications for their work. CCMI uses learner-centred, performance-based approaches to adult education. Our workshops include:

  • Learning activities that evoke understanding and build skills.
  • Practice activities that increases practical understanding and allow trainers to provide constructive feedback.
  • Facilitated discussions about how new skills and knowledge can be applied in learners work or volunteer setting.

See our CCMI Services page for an overview of all of our offerings and details like workshop prerequisites, duration, and capacity.