Improving Interactions

Improving Interactions Workshop or Webinar

4.5 hours

Appropriate for wide range of professionals.

This custom workshop focuses on developing effective two-way communication with families, patients, and colleagues. Organizations will partner with a trainer to determine the goals and objectives related to communication. Content may include:

  • Introduction to the concept of communication and the communication process so that learners can assess the ways that conflict and miscommunication might occur in their own work.
  • Skills to address conflict and miscommunication or avoid it altogether. Skills may include Ask-Tell-Ask, teach-back, open-ended or evocative questions, and reflections.
  • Content on how to host a family meeting.

This course is run in groups of 6-12. Contact us at for more information about how to arrange for your group to take this course.

Objectives may include:

  • Define engagement.
  • Describe communication and empathic understanding.
  • Describe the impact of body language and define SOLER, an acronym for positive non-verbal communication.
  • Describe the communication process.
  • Consider how communication might go wrong.
  • Describe the habits for empathic understanding and ways to express it.
  • Discuss reasons that listening is important for communication.
  • Describe what empathic or reflective listening looks like and demonstrate empathic listening.
  • Describe and demonstrate open-ended questions
  • Describe and demonstrate reflections
  • Describe and demonstrate Ask-Tell-Ask.
  • Demonstrate using core skills together.
  • Demonstrate understanding without agreeing.
  • Consider how skills will fit into practice.
  • Plan future activities

This is an interactive skills-based workshop that is designed for participants who want to consider practical applications for their work. CCMI uses learner-centred, performance-based approaches to adult education. Our workshops include: 

  • Learning activities that evoke understanding and build skills.
  • Practice activities that increases practical understanding and allow trainers to provide constructive feedback.
  • Facilitated discussions about how new skills and knowledge can be applied in learners work or volunteer setting.

See our CCMI Services page for an overview of all of our offerings and details like workshop prerequisites, duration, and capacity.