Person & Family Centred Care

Health care delivery that is attentive to the values and preferences of others.

Person & Family Centred Care is the provision of what is necessary for the health of an individual, organized around the person and their self-defined family. It consists of respect and consideration for their needs, acknowledgement and incorporation of cultural traditions and values into care, and continuing the relationship between the individual and their care team.

Efforts to promote Person & Family Centred Care should consider patient-centredness of patients (and their families), clinicians, and health systems. Helping patients to be more active in consultations changes centuries of physician-dominated dialogues to those that engage patients as active participants. Training physicians to be more mindful, informative, and empathetic transforms their role from one characterized by authority to one that has the goals of partnership, solidarity, empathy, and collaboration.  (Epstein and Street. 2011 The Values and Value of Patient-Centered Care. Ann Fam Med March/April Vol. 9 No. 2 pp.100-103)

Program Summary

Person & Family Centred Care WorkshopPresentation / WorkshopNoneUnlimited1-1.5 hours
Person & Family Centred Care OverviewPresentationNoneUnlimited1-2 hours
Person & Family Voice in Quality ImprovementFace-to-Face WorkshopNone12 per instructor6 hours

Program Detail

Person & Family Centred Care Workshop

This workshop, designed for a wide public and professionals, focuses on the benefits of person centred care and pragmatic approaches to create a person centred care system.

Person & Family Centred Care Overview

This overview introduces trainees to relationship building techniques that aid in engaging people and their families in their care.

Person & Family Voice in Quality Improvement

Providing person and family centred care means including the patient’s voice in real and substantial ways. This workshop teaches how to think effectively about, plan for, and succeed at engaging people and families for practice improvement.

Schedule & Fees

Please contact us to discuss fees based on your organization’s requirements, and for a schedule of upcoming sessions.