Person- and Family-Centred Health Care Overview

Person- and Family-Centred Health Care Overview:

  60 minutes

  Appropriate for a wide range of professionals and peer helpers.

This overview focuses on the benefits of person- and family-centred health care and pragmatic approaches to create a person- and family-centred health care system. The overview provides training in the core concepts for person- and family-centred care and discussion about how to apply concepts to practice. 

This course can be offered as a workshop or a webinar, and can accommodate an unlimited number of learners in a group.

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  • Define person- and family-centred care (PFCC).
  • Describe benefits of PFCC.
  • Describe principles of PFCC.
  • Create a plan to apply principles to practice.

This is can either be delivered as an interactive workshop or webinar that is designed for participants who want to consider practical applications for their interactions. CCMI uses learner-centred, performance-based approaches to adult education. The overview includes:

  • Learning activities that evoke understanding and build skills.
  • Facilitated discussions about how new skills and knowledge can be applied in learners work or volunteer setting.

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