Quality Improvement

Skills development to facilitate quality improvement focused system redesigns.

Each of our Quality Improvement (QI) workshops builds on the Model for Improvement. Each one is customizable to your team’s needs and scope. CCMI provides consultation with leadership, front line clinicians, self-management support champions, patients, and families in order to develop or enhance their services in a range of areas, outlined in more detail below. A consultation will help to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Define current state
  2. Describe goals
  3. Develop a work plan that factors in opportunities and constraints to achieve desired goals
  4. Support system redesign process

Program Summary

QI OverviewPresentation / WorkshopNoneUnlimited75 minutes
QI FoundationsFace-to-Face WorkshopNone24 per group1 day
QI IntermediateFace-to-Face WorkshopQI Foundations24 per group1 day
QI AdvancedFace-to-Face WorkshopQI Intermediate24 per group1 day

Program Detail

QI Overview

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to learn about methods, tools and concepts in quality improvement, and specifically about the Model for Improvement.

QI Foundations

This workshop is for anyone wanting to acquire basic skills and understanding in order to undertake improvements in their work settings.

QI Intermediate

This workshop is for those people who have a basic understanding of QI, whether from taking QI Foundations, and/or application of QI to changes in their work.

QI Advanced

Participants in this workshop will have experience in applying QI in their work and who want to increase their skills in data analysis, spreading of improvements, and leading change in their work settings. Training will focus on deepening the understanding of when and how to apply advanced QI approaches, and how to manage obstacles.

Schedule & Fees

Please contact us to discuss fees based on your organization’s requirements, and for a schedule of upcoming sessions.