Kryštof Ekl

Kryštof has always been interested in skills, tools and systems that can help him and others learn and perform better. That’s why he pursued education in adult learning and HR management, and worked as an instructional and learning designer.
Currently, he’s on a solopreneur path as a Notion designer & productivity coach. He sees this as a step to develop both his entrepreneurial skills through working on his business, and his understanding of management and organizational processes through working with clients.
However, Kryštof’s long-term goal is to use these learnings to become an organizational designer, helping organizations become places that foster their members’ well-being and growth, including that of their rationality and wisdom (as opposed to focusing simply on marketable skills). To that end, he’s always learning about his two core interests: self-managed organizations and wisdom cultivation, which is also why he was happy to become a board member of a self-managed organization like CCMI.