Liz Sajdak

Liz has over 17 years clinical experience in the UK National Health Service ranging from a
registered nurse to Public Health Practitioner. The latter role was part of a national project to
develop the role of health visiting to focus more on public health. While working in this role she
was also a member of the Professional Executive Committee of the Primary Care Trust, whose
role was to direct and guide the clinical work of the Trust. Liz also collaborated with health and
social service colleagues to plan and submit a bid for integrated services for Sure Start, aimed
tat improving the health and well-being of families and children, in partnership with local
residents that was successful.

Her role as a Service Development Manager in Primary Care consisted of working with
specialists and providers in primary care to provide appropriate clinical care closer to patients in
their home and local clinics. Liz also led the design and application of an organizational
performance management framework for North Stoke Primary Care Trust (PCT) and was the
Lead commissioner for the PCT on the implementation of a new general medical contract within
GP practices. The commissioning role was used to implement modernization and promote the
use of best practice and evidence based medicine thereby raising standards of care through
commissioning of family practitioner services.

Liz gained experience in Canada through working in the PEI health department as program
analyst and, later, as a Project Manager at the Department of Wellness in Nova Scotia. She also
worked as a consultant at The Quaich working with NGOs. More recently Liz has worked as a
volunteer on the Quality Committee of Casey House in Toronto.