Lourdes Rodriguez

Lourdes is a Licensed mental health counselor with 7 years of post graduate experience. She is passionate about helping people change the patterns in their life that they want to change. She works primarily with substance use disorders and eating disorders in her private practice.
She was introduced to MI in 2014 where she learned to use the skills in parent groups to facilitate change. At this time, she learned how to use MI, co-trained, and used a coding system for treatment integrity and research reliability. Since then, Lourdes has been a coauthor of many research projects involving MI for parents and teens with ADHD. In 2018, Lourdes was invited to attend the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) Training for Trainers (TNT). Since becoming a MINT member, she has worked with many graduate students as a supervisor and uses MI coaching and coding as a teaching tool and has continued to work on several research projects, one of which includes the design of a coding system for MI.
Lourdes is passionate about facilitating learning and empowering individuals in the helping and health professions.