Motivational Interviewing Foundations and Brief Action Planning Train the Trainer Pathway

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Foundations and Brief Action Planning (BAP) Train the Trainer Pathway

The MI Foundations and BAP Train-the-Trainer (TTT) builds capacity within an organization to provide their own Foundations of MI workshops. This workshop is for those individuals who have a passion for improving interactions by helping their colleagues learn new skills. A successful Train-the-Trainer program requires commitment and effort from the candidates as well as management within the organization.

The pathway to the MI and BAP Train the Trainer is designed to support trainer candidates to meet the requirements to become recognized trainers. We suggest that candidates complete MI and BAP training a year before they apply as trainer candidates.

Note: The trainer pathway can be completed by candidates with no prior MI or BAP training; however, it will require significant effort and time commitment. Candidates will be required to describe their plan in their trainer application.

The pathway includes:

  1. Statement of leadership support signed by managers
  2. Application
  3. BAP certification within the past year
  4. MI skills competency demonstration through a recording within 6 months
  5. An orientation and 2 check-in webinars
  6. Reflection on MI skills.
  7. Attendance and full participation in a 4-day MI Foundations and BAP trainer course
  8. Signing a Materials Use Agreement
  9. Conduct annual workshops that include the Foundations of MI and BAP content areas and ensure opportunities are provided for participants to attend Practice and Feedback for MI and BAP.
  10. Submit a training plan, Learning from Training document, and trainee evaluations that demonstrate the trainer has taught all of the Foundations of MI and BAP.
  11. To maintain Trainer status requirements 8 and 9 must be met yearly.

In order to support candidates in demonstrating competency, CCMI provides our MI Foundations and BAP online courses as part of their learning pathway. Learners are encouraged to complete the online courses in their entirety, regardless of prior training.


After successfully completing all requirements, the trainer can lead workshops in MI Foundations and BAP. The trainer joins a group of committed trainers and receive access to the training materials for 2 years.


The following are to be submitted by the organization, along with their participant list

  • Applications completed by each candidate
  • Letters of endorsement for each candidate completed by their managers

Candidates are required to demonstrate competency in BAP and MI skills at least 6 weeks before the Train the Trainer workshop. For more information about skills demonstration and criteria for competence visit: