Motivational Interviewing (MI) Network of Trainers Training of New Trainers (TNT) Prep Program

MINT TNT Prep Program:

  Depending on scope of request.

  Ideal for people who have taken MI Foundations, MI Beyond the Foundations or equivalent and have done some MI training and are committed to excellence in MI.

The Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) is an international organization, chartered as a non-profit in Virginia, USA with the goal of improving the quality of MI practice. One major activity of MINT is the Training of New Trainers (TNT) program, which is typically held annually in person. In 2020, a virtual TNT was held and there is every indication that the TNT program will be expanding and include additional opportunities for others to join MINT. CCMI’s TNT Prep Program assists people prepare for application to a MINT-approved TNT. It does not guarantee acceptance into a TNT, which is determined by MINT.

Support Program

  1. Study group: A cohort of 6-12 potential TNT applicants will work together, learn more about MINT and the application process, determine individual learning needs and participate in a collaborative program to support each other. CCMI MINT members will provide guidance and CCMI admin team will support scheduling and provide access to Zoom. Possible activities could include:
    • Practice and feedback opportunities starting with A-MICA, using the MICA and proceeding to the MITI 4.0 (the coding tool used for the application)
    • Journal club or Book club on MI topics
    • Application peer review
  2. CCMI supports: CCMI MINT members will be available to support the study group. Potential activities include
    • Webinars in intermediate or advanced MI topics and skills (Four 90-minute webinars total, topic determined by study group)
    • Access to CCMI’s MI Foundations Online course, Communicating with Clarity and Compassion (CCC) course, BAP course and MI mini-courses for the duration of the project.
    • Practice and feedback, coding with MICA and MITI (up to 3 per participant)


MINT is moving towards an open-enrollment process. CCMI will be monitoring this situation closely. Virtual TNTs are likely to be offered in the future, including in 2021-2022.


Contact us for more information about registration.

The Application for the TNT currently consists of:

  • MI training experience
    • Training format and level (foundations, intermediate, etc.) with dates, number of hours, names of trainers and if the trainers were MINT members
    • Expectations are for training beyond foundations level
  • Development of MI proficiency
    • Ongoing learning (1:1 coaching, participation in practice, reviewing recordings, study groups with dates, and if they were supervised, if the coaching was coded, how feedback was used in learning)
    • Ongoing self-study (reading books or articles, watching videos, peer consultation)
  • Context in which you use MI
    • Populations served, settings, dates, how MI is helpful, the challenges the populations face
    • This does not have to be clinical
  • MI Training experience or upcoming training experience
    • Dates, description, your role, any co-trainers and their MINT status
  • TNT learning plan: Identify 2-3 goals as a trainer you hope to achieve through the TNT.
  • Why you want to join MINT and how you will support MINT’s value of giving back to the community
  • References – 2 trainers or supervisors who have provided direct observation of MI skills use
  • Recording with a Standardized Patient that meets the skills requirement. This is coded using the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity scale (MITI) version 4.

What will the TNT be like?

  • TNTs are 3 days long minimum.
  • They are led by highly qualified MINT members who are experienced TNT trainers.
  • They are interactive learning opportunities focused on teaching MI.
  • Every TNT is guided by standards communicated by MINT.
  • TNT participants practice teach during their TNT experience.
  • They may be regional or international.
  • Most are not oriented to a particular setting or focus for MI practice.

The preparation program is available from CCMI, please contact CCMI for preparation program costs. For those in British Columbia, some support may be available through current funding. The costs to attend a TNT are separate from the cost of the CCMI preparation program.

TNT costs to consider, if application is approved:

  • There is an application fee for the TNT. In 2020, the application fee was $175 USD.
  • The cost of a TNT is variable depending on virtual and in-person offerings. In 2020 the virtual TNT was $1000 USD
  • All TNTs include the cost of membership in MINT which is $110 USD. Depending on the timing of the event, membership may be prorated to include the months leading up to the first full year of membership.

See our CCMI Services page for an overview of all of our offerings and details like workshop prerequisites, duration, and capacity.