Motivational Interviewing Foundations and Brief Action Planning Train the Trainer

Motivational Interviewing Foundations and Brief Action Planning Train the Trainer Workshop

   Train the Trainer Preparation Pathway and 4 day workshop

Prior to the 4-day Train the Trainer, applicants will complete a 16 week Train the Trainer Preparation Pathway to support them in meeting the skill demonstration requirements to attend the workshop. The preparation program includes Motivational Interviewing and Brief Action Planning learning modules, learning assignments, practice and feedback sessions, group check-in webinars, Motivational Interviewing skills demonstration and coaching calls, and Brief Action Planning certification.

The 4-day Train the Trainer workshop will prepare educators to deliver the MI Foundations (MI) Workshop and Brief Action Planning (BAP) Workshop.

During the first part of the train the trainer workshop, learners walk through the MI with BAP face-to-face workshops that they will be teaching step-by-step, participating in the activities with a trainer’s perspective. There will be facilitated discussions throughout to help them analyze and understand why the activities are designed the way they are, and they will have time to ask questions about facilitating specific parts of the workshops as they come up. They will also learn how to customize the workshops based on their audience and time constraints. They will also discuss teaching tools and approaches before taking time to plan their own next steps. 

The major assignment for the workshop will be to lead a practice teaching session, where trainees will be assigned a section of the workshop material to teach the class. This will give them an opportunity to practice in a safe environment and receive feedback from their instructor and their peers. 

Successful trainees will come away with hard copies and online access to resources for conducting their own workshops (including a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and a customizable training plan). 

Capacity for this workshop is 6-12/instructor. Contact us for more information about how to arrange for your group to take this workshop.

What Learners are Saying

“This is one of the best learning experiences in my 38 year nursing career (and I have had many!).”

  • Identify expectations of MI trainers.
  • Describe the 5-step model for training.  
  • Discuss a training plan and activity guide.
  • Critique a workshop plan. 
  • Plan MI and BAP workshops.
  • Describe learning activities and application of 5-step plan to training.
  • Discuss training activities for adult learners. 
  • Demonstrate responding to different situations that may arise during a training.
  • Discuss skills needed for training in MI and BAP.
  • Demonstrate teaching MI and BAP.
  • Demonstrate ability to provide confirming and constructive feedback.
  • Define fidelity. 
  • Describe why fidelity is important in MI and BAP training
  • Describe responsibilities of the trainer for fidelity.
  • Describe implementation of MI and BAP in your organization.
  • Commit to offering a workshop.
  • Describe next steps for MI and BAP training. 

CCMI’s train the trainer courses help people gain the skills and confidence to conduct learning sessions of their own. Trainees are taught by CCMI Master Trainers and are provided with transformative learning approaches designed to help learners apply new skills in practice. CCMI uses and teaches learner-centred, performance-based approaches to adult education. Our workshops include:

  • Learning activities that evoke understanding and build skills.
  • Practice activities that increase practical understanding and allow trainers to provide constructive feedback.
  • Facilitated discussions about how new skills and knowledge can be applied in learners’ interactions.

Trainers who conduct a workshop and submit the required documentation within a year of their training will receive a certificate of trainer recognition, valid for one year. Each year trainers are expected to conduct a workshop and submit documentation to renew their trainer recognition and maintain access to CCMI trainer resources.

See our CCMI Services page for an overview of all of our offerings and details like workshop prerequisites, duration, and capacity.